About Domesti-Pups

Domesti-PUPS is service organization headquarted in Lincoln, Nebraska with divisions in Omaha, Nebraska, Montgomery, Alabama, and Littleton, Colorado.

Domesti-PUPS mission is to improve the quality of life for persons with special needs through the assistance of animals and to promote awareness through education. Domesti-PUPS provides service dogs for persons with disabilities, pet therapy programs, classroom dogs and educational programs.

Dogs offer a psychological and social boost to our lives...

Animal companionship helps lower a person's blood pressure and cholesterol levels. Studies show that having a dog increases survival rates in groups of patients who have suffered cardiac arrest. Dog walking, pet grooming, and even petting provide increased physical activity that strengthens the heart, improves blood circulation, and slows the loss of bone tissue. Put simply, dogs aren't just man's best friend, they are good medicine.

Domesti-PUPS is an organization that believes dogs can help us in a variety of ways leading from better emotional and physical health to increased independence for those with disabilities. Our programs are designed to help people through the assistance of animals in the following ways: